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Like any other child, I too folded boats and planes to play with, blissfully oblivious of the fact that in future, I would pursue a career in Origami. The Masters degree in Textiles from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, made me appreciate the beauty as well as the hard work that goes behind handmade crafts.

At NID, I was introduced to the mesmerising world of paper folding, and the endless possibilities of origami started unfolding right in front of my eyes.


Origami has taught me two very important lessons - patience and perseverance. I have reached a point where I find something romantic about a piece of paper. Once it's in my hands, we co-exist till we have completely transformed each other.

For the past 7 years, I have been teaching origami to children, college students, mothers, working professionals as well as grandparents, and have come to love the fact how everyone has something to take away from it. My work constantly challenges me to take risks, be it with the complexity of the fold, the scale of the final piece, or the medium itself. It excites me to think how I want to take origami to the world, and in return how it would take me to the world.

Other than paper, I also use mediums like leather, polypropylene and textile, to provide longevity to the product. Origami has now become an organic extension of my daily living; so much so that even when I am traveling, one can invariably find a pack of paper in my bag. I feel fortunate enough to have worked with recognisable names such as Uber, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Jockey, HSBC Bank, Times of India and the Netflix Series 'Sacred Games'.

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Origami is the Japanese craft of folding paper to make two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. The word origami is derived from two Japanese words - 'oru' which means to fold and 'kami' which means paper.

  • This craft doesn't really have any age limit, which means, anyone and everyone can fold

  • It is for anyone who wants to explore folds, patterns and their potential

  • It is for people who believe in the beauty and the power of handmade things

  • Anyone who believes and likes to join the Recycle movement (which all of us do)


Adigami by Aditi Anuj is an origami brand that aims to take the simplicity of folding a single sheet of paper to unexplored dimensions by collaborating - in a quest to produce unique artworks. The brand name derives its roots from “the artist and the art”, hence ADIti + oriGAMI. 

At Adigami we believe that “Folding is for everyone”. It is the freedom that a single sheet of paper offers, to transform your ideas into tangible forms.

Origami has forever been associated with being an art form for a particular age. Our motto is to bring to awareness the potential a paper has and the multiple fields it can be applied to, rather than just being a children’s craft.


Adigami has recently launched products that help to explore the creativity in you by challenging your right side of the brain.


Adigami intends to spread the joy of folding by providing knowledge/material for anyone and everyone who intends to fold. It attempts to bring light upon the possibility of this craft by collaborating with artists, brands, and corporates to explore unimaginable creative outcomes in varied avenues like events, installations, artworks, fashion, packaging, lighting & lifestyle, curriculum, et al.


Aditi’s work mainly focuses on scale and compositions, in different mediums like leather, polypropylene, textile and paper. From miniature folding to large scale sculptures, her objective is to bring character as well as a visual focal point to the space, be it in a form of a lamp, an artwork or an installation.


It’s the magic of transforming a two-dimensional piece of paper to a three-dimensional structure, and its interaction with scale as well as light, that excites her.

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