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ADIGAMI - Reimagining the Art of Origami

​Based in the Artistic city of Jaipur, ADIGAMI Studio is committed to pushing the boundaries of origami, elevating the simple act of folding a single sheet of paper into a collaborative endeavour that produces one-of-a-kind and exceptional artwork. Each of our designs is meticulously HANDMADE, ensuring that every piece is not just an artwork but an experience. Founded by Aditi Anuj & Neelam Nagrani, the studio's expertise lies in bringing your imaginative concepts to life in tangible forms.
Traditionally, origami has been restricted to particular age groups and has often been associated primarily with children's crafts. However, our mission is to shine a light on the limitless potential of paper and its wide range of applications. We aim to expand awareness of origami's versatility beyond its conventional perception as a pastime for kids. 
It attempts to bring light upon the possibility of this craft by collaborating with artists, brands, and corporates to explore unimaginable creative outcomes in varied avenues like 
events, installations, artworks, fashion, packaging, lighting & lifestyle, curriculum, et al.

ADITI ANUJ, Founder | Creative Director

Aditi Anuj, is a visionary who thrives on challenges, boasts more than 12 years of experience in this intricate craft. Her journey into the world of Origami began while she was still in college, pursuing a Master's degree in Textile design at the prestigious National Institute of Design. Aditi officially embarked on her professional Origami career in 2018, and she currently operates a studio in Jaipur, with a small team of dedicated paper folders.

As a TEDx speaker, her work has gained recognition and has been featured in publications like Architecture Digest, Elle Décor, Architecture + Design, and various other online platforms. Aditi has an impressive portfolio of projects, having crafted designs for notable clients such as E&Y, Asian Paints, Netflix (including "Sacred Games"), The Times of India, Uber, Google, Devika Sakhuja, Antar Agni, The A-Cube Project, Aditi Duggar, and more.

Her curiosity extends beyond paper, leading her to explore other mediums like leather, polypropylene, and fabric. Her background in textile design instilled in her an appreciation for the essence of handmade craftsmanship and fuelled her imagination to envision a world that can be folded and unfolded with just an idea.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Aditi is also a passionate teacher. She believes in sharing the joy of folding a single sheet of paper with people of all ages and professions. With over a decade of teaching experience, she has been instrumental in bringing the art of Origami to a global audience.


NEELAM NAGRANI, Co-Founder | Operations Head

Neelam is a Master planner, Interior Designer and a student for life. Having a Master's degree in finance, and with over 12 years of experience she has been able to apply her knowledge to the company's creative development.

Though not formally trained in design, she is an embodiment of clarity and finesse towards her work. Known for simplicity in her design approach, Neelam juxtaposes the orthogonal nature of clean lines with a luxurious mix of materials colors and texture in order to create a distinct look for each project


Origami is the Japanese craft of folding paper to make two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. The word origami is derived from two Japanese words - 'oru' which means to fold and 'kami' which means paper.

  • This craft doesn't really have any age limit, which means, anyone and everyone can fold

  • It is for anyone who wants to explore folds, patterns and their potential

  • It is for people who believe in the beauty and the power of handmade things

  • Anyone who believes and likes to join the Recycle movement (which all of us do)

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